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November 18th, 2023

 150 Slots available

The Knysna Extreme Triathlon is a challenging Point-To-Point, self-supported race that takes place along South Africa’s scenic Garden Route. The course starts with a 5 km swim in the Knysna Estuary, followed by a 174 km cycle through coastal, mountain and semi-desert scenery. This is followed by a 50 km run is along Prince Alfred’s Pass, taking you from the Karoo, through mountain valleys, plantations and dense Knysna forest to the finish line at Diepwalle Forest station. It is a gruelling, yet scenic route that takes triathletes back to the purest form of the sport. The route will test your fitness levels, mental strength and determination.

Each athlete is required to have a supporter to follow them throughout the race, providing all mechanical, nutritional and mental support. An altitude gain of nearly 3,800m over a total distance of 229 km, makes it an extreme triathlon that offers an exciting challenge for both the athletes and their supporters.

The Knysna Extreme Triathlon is Africa’s toughest and most beautiful triathlon

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