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Cellers – SPAIN

May 20th, 2023

50 Slots available

The Pirene Xtreme Triathlon starts at the Terradets reservoir (Cellers / Lleida/Spain), where the waters of the Noguera Pallaresa river crosses the Aran Valley, to finish in the mountains of the ski slopes of Port del Comte. Athletes will explore and cross part of the Pyrenees mountain system, known for its beauty and natural fauna.

This is a hard triathlon that is differentiated by a bicycle circuit with an altitude gain of 4300m over the 180km course and a 39km trail run, which takes you over Prat De Bacies, the highest point on the route at 2,100m above sea level. It is designed to challenge both your body and mind.

The natural landscapes are unlike any other. From majestic mountains to the small villages you pass through and the eagles that guide your way along the journey, to the history of the place. Sharing the experience with your support team will make this adventure different and special.

Pirene Xtreme Triathlon has been designed to create the greatest possible experience for you and your supporters – an adventure in which your effort, together with teamwork, makes it an unforgettable journey for everyone.

The circuit integrates emotion, strength and intelligence, three characteristics that every triathlete possesses, and that, on this occasion, will make you feel that you are really part of this unique ‘triathlete world’.

We are your next CHALLENGE!

Our purpose is to teach you the WAY. Yours CROSS THE GOAL!

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