Lago d’Iseo – ITALY

July 01st, 2023

250 Slots available

The full distance race with an impressive difference in altitude that starts from Lago d’Iseo and arrives in Passo Paradiso is already set on the calendar for July. A fascinating adventure rather than a race, a journey that allows the chosen few who have the strength to reach the finish line, to be literally catapulted into a whirlwind of emotions difficult to find in other competitive events, an event where you can breathe a international atmosphere that blends different cultures, but united by the same dream.

COURSES The swimming fraction STARTS at 4 in the morning from Lago d’Iseo. After 3.8 km the exit from the water in Sulzano, where abandoned goggles and wetsuit and forked the bicycle begins the second part. By bicycle you go up the valley, first pointing towards Vello Toline, then along the Val Camonica: in Edolo, turn right towards Aprica to pass through Trivigno and take Mortirolo. After passing the summit, a quick descent to Monno, passing through the center of Ponte di Legno, to go up to the Gavia. After returning from Gavia, you return again to Ponte di Legno square , where the 180 km of cycling are completed and the third 42 km run begins. Once out of the town, go straight up towards Precasaglio, then Temù and in the Val d’Avio, go up the halfway up to Valbione before returning to the center of Ponte di Legno. From here begins the last ascent of the day towards the Tonale pass first and the Passo Paradiso (2621 meters above sea level) then.

The race is long, hard, exhausting, the total height difference exceeds 6000 meters, but dreams of this type, to be realized, really require a lot of effort. And a pinch of madness.


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