is the ultimate experience

October 15th, 2023

150 Slots available

Winterman czech xtreme triathlon is the ultimate experience and unique celebration of trust and relation between the athlete and his/her closest supports.

It’s one way course literally cutting through the beautiful fairytales landscape and the breathtaking natural scenery in the National park in North-West boarder of the Czech Republic. The whole area is famous for its World class free climbing.

Winterman swim is extraordinary and you`ll not experience anything like that anywhere else in the World. It`s worthless to express the feelings from down stream swimming in icy cold water when passing the big river buoy in absolute dark.

The bike course is hard, beautiful and very sceneric. Most of the Winterman cycling running up and down and zig zag on the small roads with mostly perfect tarmac. Expect much lower average cycling speed (20 – 26 km/h), the bike elevation is over 3000m.

When you get to the T2 you will notice the iconic peak of Jested – the Winterman finish immediately! And you will see it all the way on your 43km run. One quarter of the run course goes trail, the rest is on the small road. The final part is brutal, almost vertical rocky steep climb bellow the gondola.

You and your supports will run through the heart of this unique nature, you will see fantastic views, lot’s of rocks, forests and hills.

The finish is absolutely stunning, the view from the top of the Jested (1012m) will feed your emotions over the limit.

Winterman xtreme triathlon is the celebration of human friendliness, family atmosphere and pure triathlon spirit.

The organisers donate the great part of the registration fee to the Children’s Heart centre Motol hospital in Prague.

We are looking forward to seeing all the triathletes who wants to race with a real triathlon heart.

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